Word of the Week: GOALS

G is for ‘get’ – as in, get clear on what you REALLY want. Have you set out to accomplish only what you think you can do or are you going for what would be the most amazing outcome ever? One way to consistently sell yourself short is by setting low expectations and meeting them.  You know in your heart what would be an awesome achievement you’d feel proud of so quit listening to the inner critic who is raining on the parade.  

O is for ‘over’ – be OVER the fact that you haven’t hit some goals before.  That has nothing to do with what you can achieve from this moment forward.  Learn from what didn’t work and use it to your advantage now that you’ve had your “education” on the topic.  More than once in my life I’ve had to file an experience in two places: #1 – seemed like a good idea at the time and #2 – do not do that again. 

A is for ‘alright – it’s ON!!’ Are you committed to having what you say you want or only kinda sorta aiming for it and hoping it happens?  I know you already know that being passionate about your goal is the fuel that propels you toward it. So, I’m here to remind you that being passionate about your goal is the fuel that propels you toward it.

L is for ‘love’ because you need to love the idea of what you’re going after. Or are you wanting to be, have or do something because you think it’s going to solve a problem you dislike? Be careful of this one because if it’s just a stop gap measure you may achieve your aim although be equally miserable when you reach it. It’s the old saying of “wherever you go, you take yourself with you”.  What needs to change in you so you’re not repeating the pattern creating the issue you want to get away from?

S is for ‘smile’ – sure you can grind it out, and some days we all do.  For big goals that require sustained effort and commitment though, some happy-along-the-way energy will assist you in bearing the burden of any less than exciting tasks before you AND it will also make it easier to call in the help of others whose support you many need.  Have you ever been around someone who was pursing a goal and they were miserable the whole time, so you were too? It’s no fun (for anyone) having no fun on the way to your goal.  Just sayin’. 😉

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