Will Power or Won’t Power?

When you think about the things you want to achieve, either in 2021 or starting ‘right now’ do you practice more Will Power or Won’t Power?

As in, “I will keep my word to myself” or “I will take a deep breath and count as high as I have to before I blurt out to my aging Mom, she has already asked me that same blessed question two-dozen times today”.

Won’t power is about maintaining a new standard for yourself – “I won’t say one thing and do another; I’m done with living like that because of how I end up feeling about myself when I recognize I’ve done that, again.” or “I won’t blow up at my Mom. Period. Yes, she is aging and it’s affecting her and yet I won’t behave like that towards her anymore”.

A lot of which strategy – either Will Power or Won’t Power – turns out to be the most effective for you will depend on how you are internally motivated.

If you find that your Will Power isn’t helping you in getting the results you’re after, perhaps engage with some Won’t Power and see how it works for you. Just sayin’. 😉

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