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The Formula

It’s been said many times that success leaves clues and in the world of Real Estate Investing and business achievement it’s easy to find the evidence of the results others have produced.

What happens though when you follow someone else’s plan, and it doesn’t work the same way for you?  It’s easy enough to know that if you duplicate the exact steps another person took to secure their first property the chances of you being able to do that too are quite high. The well-planned part of many transactions is pretty straightforward.

What’s not so easy to see about someone else’s plan is what internal resources they used or learned to develop to achieve their outcome.  What did they do on the days they were discouraged?  How in the hell did they find the deals they did when so many people don’t?  Was there something they kept telling themselves that propelled them along the way to the rewards of their first purchase?

You can follow almost any real estate investing course for the ‘how to’ pieces and yet you’ll also need to address everything within yourself that is distracting and derailing you from achieving your goals.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Here is what trips a lot of people up on their way to their goal – they think they can “out-think” where they are, when what is required is examining what they’re thinking that is keeping them where they are!  There are beliefs you have which are the drivers — and stoppers — of everything you want to be, have and do in life.  Most of them are below your conscious level of awareness which makes it tricky to discover them on your own. 

These beliefs show up as procrastination and avoidance of business building activities; uncertainty and lack of confidence in yourself; worry and “not enough” in your finances.  Until you change the beliefs that are producing your current results you are going to continue to repeat the habits and patterns of thought which reinforce them.  Positive affirmations over self-limiting beliefs is much like putting a happy face sticker on an empty fuel gauge – neither of them is going to get you very far.

The Good to Goal Formula™ will help you uncover how your current mindset is either stopping, or taking you to, your real estate investing success.

Designed as a system you can duplicate to achieve any goal it covers:

Your Breakthrough Goal

Shift from “I wish I could” into “I am achieving my goals”

Mind Mechanics

Find out what’s really going on in there.

Meaning Management

Empower yourself by getting this in the right order.

Emotional Mastery

Understand the gift of your feedback system.

Belief Busting

Techniques to change your B.S. (belief systems).

You Matters

Practice being your best self!

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