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Your mindset about money largely determines the kind of financial life you’ll lead and
your ability to achieve your goals – especially when there is a financial impact.

The only way to ensure that you live the life you want is to have empowering financial beliefs!

While the topic of money can be an uncomfortable one, I’m here to tell you that it must be something you address with yourself if you want to have more of it.

I make a point of saying things as kindly as possible at all times and yet there is no other way to share this perhaps not-so-obvious truth — “if” what you thought and believed about money right now was a match to having as much money as you want, you’d already have it. Um, did you just call me a bad name? 🙉

If nothing changes, then nothing changes and the first thing that must change is you.

Are you ready to have some enjoyment with money?

While actions cause results in life, they are not the cause. Beliefs are the drivers of behavior so if someone does not have the belief that they are deserving of a six-figure income the only thing they’ll be doing consistently is self-sabotaging!

Beliefs and habits have the ability to make us ‘ignore’ any input that runs counter to them, which means the ‘internal map’ you have will be the map you follow – even if what you’re doing isn’t working for you. Beliefs are like directives to the mind —  they deliver the  command of how to represent what is occurring and in turn, you behave accordingly.

Identify the Beliefs You Have

When it comes to money beliefs – any belief a person has including what might seem like simple observations of what is — “I can’t seem to get ahead” to “I never have enough money” to “money goes out as fast as it comes in” are in fact creating the very experience the person is having because the mind will cause the actions to make it so. Of course, when making more money is natural by-product of nailing your real estate investing goal, the repercussions from this mindset are extremely detrimental to the level of success you can achieve!

This is what happens with ‘low income people’ who win the lottery – because they do not have an internal image of themselves as a person who is wealthy, who knows how to manage their money wisely and save or grow it, so they don’t and instead end up blowing it all.  In essence because their internal roadmap of ‘spend’ matches the internal image of themselves as being someone who doesn’t have any money. 

An unhealthy relationship with money will have a HUGE influence on how easy it is, or isn’t, for a you to achieve your goals. And by ‘unhealthy’ I mean harmful. If you believe you must ‘work really hard’ for it, then all the actions and things you must do will seem hard to you, which isn’t very motivating as most people aren’t excited by the idea of ‘hard work’. In addition to that, if you think you are not working hard enough, then money will appear to be elusive.  This is a result of the self-fulfilling prophecy you create by telling yourself that very thing.

If a person was raised to believe that rich people are bad, even though they may sincerely want more money, the program running in the background of their mind is that it’s not good to have plenty of money.  And by now you can probably guess the ending of that story. 😟

Prepare for Interference

Once a belief is planted in your subconscious mind, perceptions and behaviors will come forth to produce that exact result. In one way, it’s an amazingly simple concept. Do you know people who seem to have the same ‘stuff’ happen to them over and over again? (Just asking for a friend). Perhaps some of them are related to you? That’s because the beliefs they hold, create habits and blind spots which disallow anything other than the attitude the mind is currently running.   

While the good news is that this can all be changed, there are usually obstacles to creating new habits and behavioral patterns. Your subconscious mind is programmed to keep you right where you’re at so it’s going to take some consistent new input to change your relationship with money. 

How to Challenge (and start to change) Your Money Beliefs

Upgrading your level of income and success isn’t so much about positive thinking as it is about changing beliefs that lead to negative thinking. Empowering thoughts and perspectives will naturally surface when the ones that are wreaking havoc on your goals and experience with money are gone.

By reconstructing beliefs and adjusting the balance between positive and negative, it will have a profound impact on your life and allow you to boost your level of achievement.

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