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Traditional goal setting looks like this...

It focuses on all the action parts including the steps, strategies, planning, plotting out, and what you must ‘do’ in order to eventually reach your target. 
And yet seriously - what does it feel like along the way and through each one of those "next steps"? Almost nothing about the entire process is enjoyable.

If working towards our goals is supposed to bring us happiness and a sense of pride then why does so much of trek suck and why do we give up?

While I am for sure a big hustle-to-make-it-happen person, graduating top of my class at The School of Git ‘Er Done, how many times have we all set out to acquire something we wanted only to sit and stare at our computer screen or notebook after we’ve put it all in writing (if we even get that far) after the initial high of the idea has worn off?

If achieving your goal was simply a matter of following a list of 1 through 10, wouldn’t you have what you wanted by now?

Do you ever wonder if there is something else going on that the more mainstream approach to the process of goal setting, and more importantly, goal achieving, neglects to mention?

I call B.S. because it's

your belief systems

Just like the saying made famous by Henry Ford “If  you believe you can, you’re right and if you believe you  can’t, you’re right too” I guarantee that if you are not proactively pursing your goals, or keep getting close to realizing one of them, then mucking it all up, it’s because of something you believe, most often at a subconscious level.

Beliefs are a feeling of certainty about something. There are thoughts you are sure are ‘true’, and yet quite often are simply experiences which have been misinterpreted,  then revisited so many times that it appears they are the truth.

In the most basic sense, any thought that is repeatedly thought becomes a belief. Do you “always lose the really BIG sale?” Do you “NEVER get hired by the best companies”? Beliefs are like directives to the mind – delivering the command to yourself on how to represent what is occurring, and in turn, you behave accordingly.

If you think of your mind as operating similar to a computer you begin to understand how your experiences unfold the way they do. The memories you hold are like computer programs waiting to influence some event. Unfortunately, your computer mind is incredibly literal in its translation of the input that reaches it. Its performance depends at every moment on the precision of the instruction it receives.

It is more than the events of your life that shape you — it is your beliefs as to what those events mean. Often you are convinced that events control your life, however it is the meaning or how you explain the event that shapes who you are as a person and what you believe is possible for yourself.

Most beliefs are generalizations about your past, based on your interpretations of both painful and pleasurable experiences. It is — instead of what happens in your life — how you perceive it, and what you do about what happens that makes the difference. Each time you experience a significant amount of pleasure or pain your brain searches for the cause and records it in your nervous system to enable you to make decisions about what to do in the future.

What if there was an easier way to achieve your goals that actually made it easier to achieve your goals?

When you address the thoughts, feelings and beliefs required to have what you want in life, you make amazing progress AND enjoy the process because you’re clear about what is really going on along the way.

Empowering thoughts and the perspectives that will fuel your motivation naturally surface when the ones that are wreaking havoc on your goals are gone. By reconstructing beliefs and adjusting the balance between positive and negative, it will have a profound impact on everything you do and boost your level of achievement.

Upleveling or even completely reinventing your life isn’t so much about positive thinking as it is about changing beliefs that lead to negative thinking. How? I’m so glad you asked…

Introducing The Good to Goal Formula, a goal achievement system that teaches you the EXACT process to follow to accomplish what you want in any area of your life!

In the program we cover:

Your Breakthrough Goal

Shift from “I wish I could” into “I am achieving my goal”

Mind Mechanics

Find out what’s really going on in there

Meaning Management

Empower yourself by getting this in the right order

Emotional Mastery

Understand the gift of your feedback system

Belief Busting

Learn techniques to change your B.S. ‘belief systems’

You Matters

Practice being your best self

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'The Top 10 Reasons Why You Quit'

What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Here is what trips a lot of people up on their way to their goal – they think they can “out-think” where they are, when what is required is examining what they’re thinking that is keeping them where they are!  There are beliefs you have which are the drivers — and stoppers — of everything you want to be, have and do in life.  Most of them are below your conscious level of awareness which makes it tricky to discover them on your own. 

These beliefs show up as procrastination and avoidance of business building activities; uncertainty and lack of confidence in yourself; worry and “not enough” in your finances.  Until you change the beliefs that are producing your current results you are going to continue to repeat the habits and patterns of thought which reinforce them.  Positive affirmations over self-limiting beliefs is much like putting a happy face sticker on an empty fuel gauge – neither of them is going to get you very far.

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My entry into self-development programs, “The Psychology of Achievement” created a spark which ignited an enthusiasm that has lasted more than 25 years.  A student of life, I took the principles learned in endless courses and hundreds of books and applied them in my own business where I excelled at building industrial product lines, most recently with success in the offshore sector of the oil and gas industry.

A constant curiosity has been one question “What makes one person succeed when another doesn’t?”  After years of studying peak performance I concluded that it all boiled down to one thing – “beliefs”.  With education in a multitude of personal transformation and healing modalities I developed a passion for sharing with others the joy of embracing ‘possibility thinking’ and the power of our beliefs in each of our own lives.

I’ve been actively assisting golfers and business achievers with their goals and success mindset in various forms since 2003.

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